The Kaiser's Hot Sauce List

I'm keeping some notes on hot sauces I've tried. First, a few definitions, then the list.

Spice Category Key

1 Use as a table condiment. Mostly adds flavor, with only mild heat
2 Elevated spiciness. Sprinkle drops as a topping
3 Industrial grade stuff. Use these more as an additive, diluting a few drops into a larger dish

Extract Key

🌶️ All Natural - these sauces get their heat from grinding or mashing up hot peppers, aka "the normal way"
⚗️ Extract - capsaicin (the chemical that makes stuff spicy) has been extracted from peppers and then added back into this sauce in a concentrated form. These sauces tend to have a more immediate and intense "hit" of straight up burning on the tongue

Favorite? Logo Approx. Sauce Color Manufacturer /
Sauce Name
Spice Category Peppers Extract? Consistency Try it with... Notes
Hot Sauce
1 Cayenne 🌶️ thin pizza a good go-to daily hot sauce and my favorite vinegary pepper sauce
Cremini Habanero
2 Habanero 🌶️ chunky vegetables highly unique and strong mushroom flavor, very earthy
Mega Death Sauce
3 Habanero, Cayenne, Ancho ⚗️ thick chili crazy intense, totally over the top heat. Use with caution, seriously!
Hell Fire Detroit
2 Habanero 🌶️ chunky taco bell
2 Ghost, Habanero 🌶️ thin rice very smoky, distinct taste. Goes well with anything that needs a strong dose of flavor
Texas Pete
Hotter Hot Sauce
1 Generic "aged peppers" 🌶️ thin stew a standard vinegar table sauce but with more kick. A good choice when Crystal isn't cutting it
Zombie Apocalypse
2 Ghost, Habanero 🌶️ thick chicken awesome garlic flavor!
Dave's Gourmet
Scorpion Pepper
3 Scorpion 🌶️ chunky smells a little stinky? That might be good! Really dominates the flavor of whatever you put it in, you kind of have to be in the mood for the scorpion sting
Dave's Gourmet
Ghost Pepper Jolokia
3 Ghost ⚗️ chunky Another strong Dave's extract sauce that will annihilate anything in its path. Definitely safer as an additive.
Dave's Gourmet
Total Insanity
3 Red chilis ⚗️ thick tomato juice the first next-level hot sauce I got into
Rooster Sauce (?)
1 Red jalapeno 🌶️ thick pizza, especially the crust a legend, very versatile. Good as a topping, not as good for mixing
1 Arbol, Pequin 🌶️ thick pork tenderloin good thicker sauce. Not as vinegary.
Chili Garlic
1 Arbol, Pequin 🌶️ thick loved this flavor. Not really spicy at all, tbh
Secret Aardvark
Habanero Hot Sauce
1 Habanero 🌶️ thick burrito great flavor, works best as a topping. Not as good for dilution
Sweet Habanero
1 Habanero 🌶️ thick stir fry somewhat hotter than normal cholula, but still spice category 1. Sweeter flavor due to pineapple
The Last Dab XXX
3 Pepper X, "the world's hottest pepper" 🌶️ chunky ramen I was skeptical, but delivered excellent heat/flavor balance. Good general purpose category 3
Hot Pepper Sauce
1 Chili 🌶️ thick good mix of flavors. Slightly sweet/tangy
Bravado Spice Co.
Black Garlic Carolina Reaper
2 Red Serrano, Carolina Reaper 🌶️ thin fried rice strong heat, unique flavor. Pretty decent
Bravado Spice Co.
Crimson Hot Sauce
1 Arbol, Red Jalapeno 🌶️ thin not feeling this one
Bravado Spice Co.
Serrano and Basil Hot Sauce
1 Serrano 🌶️ thin paninis Really good sauce. Perfect for specific dishes where basil would be a good addition
El Yucateco
Black Label Reserve Chile Habanero
2 Habanero 🌶️ thick super smoky, musky flavor will dominate, so whether you like this depends on how well you dig that flavor
Gator Hammock
Lethal Gator
2 Cayenne, Habanero, Red Scotch Bonnet, Jalapeno 🌶️ thick tacos great all around sauce, works well on lots of different stuff
Tahiti Joe's
Ahi Of Kahuna XX
2 Habanero, Red Peppers 🌶️ chunky chicken nuggets has cheese and carrots (!) in it, which is kind of weird, but it totally works. You can use this for dipping too.
Slaughter Sauce
1 Habanero 🌶️ thick kind of underwhelming, didn't feel like flavor was adding enough
Frank's RedHot
1 Cayenne 🌶️ thin soup not very hot at all, but adds a pleasant bit of vinegary flavor
Sylvia's Restaurant
Triple Strength Hot Sauce
1 Cayenne 🌶️ thin bean stew slightly elevated category 1 heat. Vinegary
Aka Miso
3 Ghost Pepper, Carolina Reaper 🌶️ thick soup Flavor is very complimentary, adding to a dish without hijacking it. Excellent sauce.
Extra Hot
1 Habanero 🌶️ thick quesadilla Pretty good category 1 sauce. Fresh taste, maybe slightly citrusy.
1 Habanero 🌶️ thick Sweet and fruity. Mostly flavor, not much heat at all.
Small Axe Peppers
The Baltimore Habanero Ginger
1 Habanero 🌶️ thin Packs a really intense ginger taste, so I find it less versatile...haven't quite found the right dish for it yet.